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New Recycling Initiative Begins With This Year’s Earth Day Celebration

By Kathy Kugler, Chairperson, Earth Day Committee

Have you noticed that thanks to the Earth Day Committee and Rumpke, we have new, blue recycling bins all around the church? Now we need to educate folks, young and older, about how to use them.

If you are a teacher in a classroom, share this information with the kids. No matter what room you are in, look for a recycle bin and read the label. On each bin is a label explaining what goes in the bin and what does not. If we all take a minute to read the labels many times, we will soon use our new bins correctly in our public areas and classrooms. Learning this information will impact how we recycle in our homes and offices as well.

Charles Howard, left, St. Barnabas volunteer, helped Kathy Kugler, Earth Day committee chairperson, place new recycle bins around the church. With him is Mary Sticklen of Hamilton County Solid Waste and Recycling. She can be contacted at 513-946-7732. The newly-provided, free recycle containers have been placed beside most trash containers. Questions about what Rumpke will recycle should be directed to Anne Gray at 513-812-8171, ext. 7164.

New Blue Recycle Bins:

The recycle bins can be used for multiple products.

  1. Paper

  2. Newspaper

  3. Plastic water bottles, empty, with lid securely on. The lid is valuable to Rumpke but only when it is attached. Their automated sorting uses high velocity air, and if the lid is not screwed on tight, it flies off and is then trash. Also, if the bottle is not empty, it will not fly up, but will roll around and become trash rather than a recycled product.

  4. Empty aluminum cans. If they have liquid in them, they spill and make the paper wet, which is then not recyclable. Also, the spilled liquids make the bin gross.

  5. Small plastic containers like yogurt cups are NOT recyclable with Rumpke, who is our recycler. When we put non-recyclables in the bin, it makes more effort for us and for Rumpke. It also makes Rumpke less profitable.

  6. No Styrofoam cups; these are trash.

  7. If you would like to impact the amount of wasted Styrofoam, please consider bringing your own coffee mug or insulated container when you use our coffee service. Rinse and reuse.

Thank you for being Good Stewards of the Earth! Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle!


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