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St. B Gets a New Water Heater

by David Browe, Building & Grounds Ministry Council Leader

The Building & Grounds "Termite" crew recently completed installation of a new, on-demand water heater that serves the sterilizer machine in the church kitchen. The original 30-year-old heater was in the ceiling of the pantry, and it was powered up 24/7, in spite of the fact that the unit is used sparingly for group dinners a few times a year. The new heater only uses electricity when the sterilizer is in service.

Many thanks to Termite Don Lamping for his expert assistance in plumbing in the new unit. Also, thanks to Termite John Nolan for his help in routing the cables for the new installation. We were able to acquire the services of a retired electrician, Dan Ruehl, who donated his time to make the connections at the breaker panel and unit. Also, thanks to Termite John Spellman for making drywall repairs after the installation was complete.

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