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T-Shirt Wisdom

by John Davies

Last Thursday, our Pew Pals met for a virtual happy hour via Zoom. After we all proved to ourselves we were capable of mastering the Zoom technology, we quickly settled into an enjoyable time of connected fellowship. We had “8 O’clockers.” We had “10 O’Clockers.” We had folks that bounce back and forth. We had St. Barnabas “newbies” and St. Barnabas “oldies.” Surprisingly, many of us had never met before… and likely may not have if circumstances did not compel us to connect in new and different ways. We talked about family and kids and grandchildren. We talked about Netflix and movies and books. Lisa mentioned that she was reading a book on King Louis VII and commented “that was not a good time to be alive.” We then all agreed that it is currently a “great time to be alive.” Yes, we are obviously facing very challenging times, but we cannot let that overshadow the fact that it is a great time to be alive. It was uplifting to talk about all the positives in an environment where it can be challenging to find positive news. Before we disconnected, Piet zoomed in on his T-shirt. Now, in full disclosure I am a T-shirt guy. As a child (and now sadly into my adulthood), I have always had drawers full of T-shirts with clever sayings, not so clever sayings, or names of places I have been lucky enough to visit. Good T-shirts, like good bumper stickers, can communicate simple, compelling messages from “Eat at Joe’s” to “I’m With Stupid.” Peit’s T-shirt was perfect. It simply read “Don’t Weaken.” Don’t Weaken. Today, as much as ever, a T-shirt to wear and advice to follow. Now is the time not to weaken but “seek the Lord and his strength” (Psalm 105.4). For all that there may seem to be going against us, we still have far more going for us. If you have not yet had the opportunity to participate in some type of Pew Pals activity, I strongly encourage it. The fellowship was comforting and uplifting. It was not virtual. It was real. As a small piece of the St. Barnabas community, we were together. It was just not us together, but “For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.” (Luke 18.20). Be well and stay connected. John Davies

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