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Good News Emanates from 2019 Annual Meeting

Treasurer Bruce Perlson gives his report.

The 37th annual meeting of St. Barnabas Episcopal Church was called to order at 9 a.m. on February 3. Adrienne James, senior warden, and Bruce Perlson, treasurer, both gave glowing reports on how well the church is doing both financially and in terms of growth. The Vestry has worked very hard to work within the confines of the budget for the past several years, and their hard work has paid off. Both Adrienne and Bruce praised the congregation for stepping up to fund a larger budget which will allow some outreach projects to be funded out of the budget rather than by individual donations.

The Vestry Class of 2016 was recognized and genuinely thanked by Pastor Nancy for their service. The class included John Byrne, Eric Davis, Adrienne James, and Kirk Murray.

The Class of 2019 elected to replace them are Susan Andersen, Diana Mattson, and Satya Thanaseelan. Jason Williams could not be present due to a business conflict and will be installed as soon as possible.

Ministry Council Leadership roles were also recognized. Martha Seagram replaced Jim Hill as MCL for Administration and Finance; Jeff Boyle is taking over the Strengthening Parish Life (SPL) ministry from Julie Colegrove. Julie will still chair the social committee for SPL. Jeff is looking for someone to handle the Women’s Fellowship committee. Bethanie Van Camp will lead the Education and Formation ministry previously led by LaVerne Montgomery. Nancy Nolan has assumed the role of MCL for Strategic Planning and Organization Development formerly led by Dave Seagram. Last but not least, Jada Hill has taken over the Outreach ministry from John Nolan.

If you weren’t there, please request a copy of the annual meeting report from the church office. It is full of interesting reports and financial information. If you are a St. Barnabas member, you may view the report here.


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